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A Dash of Chaos

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May 10 '14
Jan 27 '14

Conceal Don’t Feel

Jan 26 '14

Startling Development

Jan 24 '14

I Believe In Yesterday

Jan 23 '14

An attempt was made.

Jan 22 '14

Keep it Cool

Jan 19 '14

Royal Commander Chaperone Tirek

Jan 19 '14

Sunshine: Hey folks, long time no see! Yes, after a very long, but very needed extended vacation for the blog we are indeed back! To mark the occasion, the main page has a new header and the FAQ page has indeed been updated. With the changes put it place, I’ll answer now—yes Cupidite has found a permanent home here!

Tara: Wait’ll I tell Chrysalis! <:D

Sunshine: You may notice a few things being moved around, I’m cleaning up things a bit while I’m redecorating. Story mode will resume shortly!

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Jan 18 '14

Fresh as a Daisy

Sep 18 '13